Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's Poltergeist soundtrack on vinyl and Friday the 13th poster!

The folks at Mondo keep knockin' em out of the park. We know them primarily for their incredible poster art, but today they're bringing us something special: a peek at the POLTERGEIST soundtrack on vinyl, with lovely cover art from Australian designers We Buy Your Kids.

And hell, we'll also show you their latest poster: FRIDAY THE 13th, designed by Francesco Francavilla. Check that out below the POLTERGEIST info.

The Poltergeist 2-disc vinyl will be available for purchase for $25 on February 22 via MondoTees.com and will include a small portion of randomly inserted clear vinyl copies. The full track list appears at the bottom and includes 5 tracks never before released on vinyl.

The Poltergeist vinyl soundtrack release continues Mondo’s commitment to crafting beautiful packaging for scores they love and adds to an eclectic collection that now includes The Beyond, Deadly Spawn, Maniac and the upcoming vinyl release for Drive.

For the exact sale time on February 22 follow @MondoNews on Twitter. Full track list below, including 5 tracks (#1, #3, #4, #6 and #9) that appear on vinyl for the first time.

1) The Star Spangled Banner
2) The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main Title)
3) The Tree (Outtake)
4) The Clown / They're Here / Broken Glass / The Hole / TV People
5) Twisted Abduction
6) Contacting The Other Side
7) The Light
8) Night Visitor / No Complaints
9) It Knows What Scares You
10) Rebirth
11) Night Of The Beast
12) Escape From Suburbia
13) Carol Anne's Theme (End Title)

Click on the outer fold below to see a bigger version.

The FRIDAY THE 13th poster goes on sale tomorrow, the 14th. You'll have to keep an eye on Mondo's Twitter page to find out when.

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Source: Mondo



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