Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's The Deadly Spawn vinyl soundtrack

If you haven't seen THE DEADLY SPAWN, you've missed out on a real treat. The 1983 film is a glorious DIY alien invasion movie with great puppet effects, a wonderfully simple B-movie plot and copious amounts of gore. Of special note is THE DEADLY SPAWN'S score by Michael Perilstein. It's a funky low-fi synth job that has balances a weirdly whimsical vibe with film's sinister, straight faced tone. This Friday Mondo is commemorating Perilstein's work by bringing it out on vinyl for the first time.

With artwork by Phantom City Creative and two variant vinyl colors, Mondo's THE DEADLY SPAWN soundtrack is an excellent excuse for a horror fan to offload his or her Christmas cash. Since it's Mondo, the release is shrouded in a bit of mystery-- it goes on sale at a random time tomorrow, so keep checking Mondo News Twitter feed to catch the sale before supplies run out. While you're at it, sample the record and Mondo's artwork below.

Extra Tidbit: Any Schmoes out there have THE DEADLY SPAWN on Blu-ray? If so, is it worth upgrading from Synapse's amazing DVD release?



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