Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's The Lost Boys Posters

Yesterday we hit you with some kickass KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE 25th Anniversary posters and if you had a chance to pick one of those badboys up then you need to save some space on the wall for one of these badass new posters celebrating the classic 1987 vampire flick THE LOST BOYS from the fine folks over at Mondo.

Phantom City Creative did the artwork on these limited-edition sheets. This first one is an 18x24 hand-numbered screen print, limited to 250 pieces. They'll be selling for $45.

Its variation is limited to 125 hand-numbered pieces and will be selling for $65 smackeroos.

So how do ya get your grubby little hands on one of these badboys? You gotta follow Mondo over on Twitter for information on exact sale times and for online sale info. You gotta act fast, though. The posters go on sale TODAY and with such limited quantities available they are sure to sell out quick.



Extra Tidbit: So which one do you like better: the Red version or the White variation?



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