Cool Horror Gear: Monstarz Critters Space Crite Collectors Figure

The CRITTERS franchise has been dormant for far too long, so while we wait and hope for the CRITTERS web series that's in development at Warner Bros., it's nice to see a sign of life from the series in the form of a new licensing deal.

New on store shelves from Monstarz is a CRITTERS "Space Crite Collectors Vinyl Figure":

MONSTARZ PRESENTS, from the 1986 classic, "CRITTERS" The Crite or Krites, as some on the Intergalactic Council may call them, is a 5 inch tall furry creation that is hungry for you.

Collectors Figure Features:

Vinyl construction 

Detailed paint deco

Realistic Hair

and Display box

Remember "They bite!"

Note: This item does not actually bite.

The making of this figure was a genius move, because what CRITTERS fan doesn't want to own their very own Crite? Especially when it will only set them back $19.99.

The Monstarz Crite is available on Amazon right here.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying a Crite?
Source: AmokTime



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