Cool Horror Gear: Quint's Blackwater Rum T-Shirt

Quick! Name the greatest film ever made.

If you didn't say JAWS then you're wrong, but that's just MY opinion. But you can't deny the cultural impact that classic film has had, scaring the shite out of beachgoers and forever changing our view of Great White sharks. The first film to surpass the $100 million box-office mark, JAWS inspired scores of copycats (too many to recall here), has had countless references in music, television, and art, and besides all of that, the film is virtually timeless.

I still don't feel safe going back into the water.

Lots of fans own either the film on DVD or Blu-Ray, or have amassed a few pieces of swag from the film, be it posters, collectables, figurines and clothing. Today we have a kickass new T-shirt from the fine folks at T-Shirt Bordello that features one of the greatest characters in cinematic history: Quint!

T-Shirt Bordello is known for their fictional brands for films such as ARMY OF DARKNESS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and many more. Their latest design pays homage to Jaws‘ Captain Quint, with Quint’s Blackwater Rum.

“Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women.” -Quint

You can pick up one of these ultra-cool T-shirts by clicking right HERE. I've already placed my order!

Extra Tidbit: What kind of JAWS swag do you own?



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