Cool Horror Gear: Slaughter FX's Jason Voorhees custom coffee table

I'm certain many of you have all kinds of horror film memorbilia and items all over your house, from posters lining your walls to shelves filled with collectibles, but other than some Ed Gein-inspired furniture (hey, I'm sure some of you reading this has something twisted like that!) what kind of household accessories do you own? Today we've got something to share that a lot of horror fans would love to have sitting as a centerpiece in their living room.

Our friends over at Fridaythe13thFranchise brought our attention to a very cool FRIDAY THE 13th-inspired coffee table created by the folks at Slaughter FX that features everyone's favorite masked madman Jason Voorhees encapsulated within the table. The table has a base price of $500 without glass and $600 with glass, and while the table is currently out of stock, perhaps interested parties could work out a deal to have more made. I'm glad it's tax refund season...I absolutely NEED this!

Check out the pics of these tables below and check out Slaughter FX for more.

Extra Tidbit: How badly do you want this table in your living room?



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