Cool Horror Gear: SOTA's Now Playing The Thing Spiderhead mini-bust

Anytime a group of horror afficionados are together discussing their beloved genre and the great films that inspired a lifelong love of all things horror, you can bet that John Carpenter's THE THING will be mentioned. It is the very definition of "Horror Classic" and has inspired countless filmmakers works. Often imitated, never duplicated, THE THING remains one of the greatest films in all of cinematic history.

Back in 2005 SOTA unveiled a great collectible in their 'Now Playing' mini-bust collection that deserves to be revisited today. I'm talking about THE THING Spiderhead Mini-bust which has become one of the most sought after collectibles inspired by Carpenter's classic film.

If you were fortunate to get your hands on one of these badboys, consider yourself one lucky S.O.B. From time to time you can find one of these 4" tall and 7" wide resin figures on eBay or in a specialty shop, and if you get the chance to own it I'd suggest buying it immediately. Just imagine how much cooler than everyone else you'll be when they see that you have this wicked looking collectible as part of your collection.

Extra Tidbit: Any of our readers lucky enough to own one of these?

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