Cool Horror Gear: Stranger Things gets an Eggo-themed card game tie-in

The Netflix series Stranger Things continues to be a pop culture sensation more than a year after it made its debut on the streaming service, and with the second season of the show set to arrive in just a couple weeks, it doesn't look like Stranger Things fever is going to be cured any time soon.

With popularity comes marketing tie-ins, and one new Stranger Things item that has really caught my eye is an upcoming Eggo-themed card game. Fittingly, the game is called Stranger Things: Eggo Card Game.

Inspired by the character Eleven's love for the delicious waffles, the card game has the following description:

Play as your favorite characters from the hit NETFLIX Series STRANGER THINGS with the STRANGER THINGS: EGGO CARD GAME! To begin, players choose to play as Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, or Barb and draw four EGGO cards with a variety of suspenseful outcomes. Cards can either send a player’s character to the UPSIDE DOWN, make an opponent draw 2, reverse the order of play, summon the DEMOGORGON, or cause a rift that sends everyone who was RIGHT SIDE UP to the UPSIDE DOWN, and vice versa! To win and escape the UPSIDE DOWN, get rid of all your EGGO cards before the DEMOGORGON attacks or be toast! Game includes 106 EGGO-shaped game cards and 7 character cards.

I'd be glad to clutch some Eggo-shaped cards and play this game with some friends.

Stranger Things season 2 will be released on Netflix on October 27th. The card game will be available sometime later this fall, priced at $15.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be playing this game?
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