Cool Horror Gear: Street Trash Shirts & Pins from Cavity Colors

I'm a fan of the 1987 flick STREET TRASH. As I'm sure you are. It is with this in mind I wanted to make sure all of you were aware that Cavity Colors has just announced an all-new collection based on the film.

The collection boasts a variety of t-shirts based on the flick as well as some cool-ass enamel pins.

I really dig the artwork used for these shirts. It totally captures the crazy-ass melting scenes from the film, which - in my eyes - are the best parts. Gotta love a good neon-colored meltdown, right?

The enamel pins are pretty sweet too if I say so myself. That said, I've never really been into enamel pins. Not sure why. Guess I missed out on that phase. Do you dig them? Let us know below!

You can check out all the cool shite below and then hit us up and let us know not only what you think of the new stuff, but the flick in general in the comments below or on social media!

STREET TRASH synopsis:

A case of contaminated alcohol has a debilitating effect on the vagabonds haunting the streets and junkyards of Brooklyn.

Snag your Street Trash apparel + enamel pins HERE.

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Source: Cavity Colors



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