Cool Horror Gear: Twin Peaks Funko toys

Nothing like toys of your favorite characters to get us all ready for the return of David Lynch's masterpiece series TWIN PEAKS! Funko just released images of their new PEAKS inspired line, featuring Dale Cooper, Bob, Log Lady, and of course, the family Palmer, with white-eyed Leland and Laura (complete with plastic covering!)

Now I'm not usually one for buying toys, but I could totally see these lined up across my desk like Dwight Shrute's bobbleheads. But won't I get in trouble for having Bob's scary-ass on my desk? Nope. I'll just tell the boss that's a toy of my grandpappy who recently passed on in a bout of strange anger. What about poor Laura, dead and wrapped in plastic? No problem. I'll just say she is a sleeping DIY princess and that is her makeshift gown. I've got all my bases covered. Except for Dale... I don't know what I'd say about him...

You can check out Funko's full line of TWIN PEAKS toys over HERE. And get ready for Showtime's release of the new season of TWIN PEAKS, which is scheduled to run a healthy(?) 18 episodes, beginning on May 21, 2017.  

But, come on, you already knew that. Enjoy your new toys!

Actually Bob is pretty adorable, isn't he? Never thought I'd say that.
Extra Tidbit: Which figure would you put on your desk?
Source: Funko



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