Cool Horror Gear: Wolf Creek's Mick Taylor bobble head

Earlier today The Arrow gave us his take on Greg McLean's highly anticipated sequel WOLF CREEK 2, so if you missed his review do yourselves a favor and dig it right HERE. With WOLF CREEK 2 gearing up for its April 17th VOD release, we thought some of you guys might get a kick out of Pop Cultcha's Mick Taylor bobble head!

Played by Australian actor John Jarratt, Mick is encapsulated here in an impressively sculpted 7 inch Bobble Head. Mick is featured carrying his hunting knife, rifle and holding a severed head of one of his many victims. This movie was a cult horror masterpiece of Australian cinema and this Mick Taylor Bobble Head will return the feeling of fear and terror that Wolf Creek provoked.

Snatch this cool bastard up right HERE!

WOLF CREEK 2 stars John Jarratt, Philippe Klause, Ryan Corr and Shannon Ashlyn. 

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking this guy up?
Source: Popcultcha



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