Cool Horror Videos: 20 minutes of Friday the 13th fake-outs and jump scares

Fake-outs and jump scares are things that should be done in moderation. They’re fun and effective, but when there are too many of them packed into a single film, when it starts to seem like they’re the only thing a filmmaker has to offer, it can start to get annoying.

My beloved FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise has its share of fake-out jump scares, some of which were done quite well, and some of which have been rather laughable – it’s always ridiculous when a screeching cat that has obviously been thrown by someone comes bursting into a scene. 

Do you need a refresher on these moments in the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies? Would you like to see for yourself just how effective some of them have been, and how ineffective others have been? Thanks to YouTube user WatsonTheScot, you can watch all of them right now, conveniently cut together into one 20 minute video. 

Yes, 20 minutes of fake-out and jumps scares await you in the video below, but keep in mind that it took twelve films to build up that many of these moments. There are other horror films that feel like they have 20 minutes of these moments packed into their 90 minute running time.

Regardless of how you feel about this scare tactic, Watson’s video is entertaining and well worth watching, if only because it allows you to spend 20 minutes in the world of the FRIDAY THE 13TH films. I’ll always take the opportunity to do that.

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