Cool Horror Videos: A Halloween music video tribute to the Boogeyman

If you're anything like me, you're just about finished with your October marathon of the HALLOWEEN franchise. In case you missed a couple and need help filling in the gaps, Arrow in the Head reader Zach Tow has released his tribute music video to the series and its iconic villain Michael Myers. Scored by White Zombie's "I'm Your Boogieman," this meticulous video features high definition clips from every entry in the series, including Rob Zombie's remake and its sequel.

The video is slick enough to even make me feel nostalgia for HALLOWEEN 6! Full of classic moments of thrashing and slashing (including my personal favorite - local hottie Ben Traemer's untimely death by car explosion), it's a cohesive look at the massive, bloody legacy of Michael Myers. Although it must be said, when you're looking at the entire filmography at once, Rob Zombie's films really do stand out as being totally separate from the franchise as a whole, even from a basic visual angle. 

Boogie to the video below while you're getting your Halloween costume ready. You'd better be quick, because tomorrow night HE comes home!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite HALLOWEEN sequel?



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