Cool Horror Videos: Alex DiVincenzo's Trouser Snake

When we shared former Arrow in the Head writer Alex DiVincenzo's short film THE HORRORS OF AUTOCORRECT last year, we also mentioned that DiVincenzo's next production would be a '50s throwback called TROUSER SNAKE. TROUSER SNAKE has since been completed, and DiVincenzo has now unleashed his one-eyed monster for public viewing.

Written by DiVincenzo and composer James Cilano, TROUSER SNAKE tells the following story: 

A night of necking at Lovers’ Lane gets the shaft when a monster rears its ugly head in this comedic send-up to 1950s creature features.

Alexander Gauthier, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Michael Thurber, William DeCoff, Monica Saviolakis, and Morgan Walsh star. The trouser snake itself was created and puppeteered by Jordan Pacheco.

As he did with AUTOCORRECT, DiVincenzo has made a very fun and amusing short with TROUSER SNAKE, which straddles NSFW material without going too far... until maybe the ending, so make sure you keep watching through the credits.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of TROUSER SNAKE?



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