Cool Horror Videos: Updated! Alexandra Daddario takes a soapy bath!

NOTE: Seems the image on the video didn't work. It has been rectified. Enjoy the goods!

Alexandra Daddario is well on her way to becoming one of our preeminent scream queens, with movies like BEREAVEMENT and the recent TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D under her belt. She's smoking hot, yes, but she's also not a slouch in the acting department, which may not be completely necessary but certainly doesn't hurt.

If you've been appreciating Alexandra as much as we have, then you'll absolutely want to scope out the following video. It's from a 2007 short film called THE ATTIC, and features Ms. Daddario taking a nice warm bath. Hey, we never claimed to be masters of subtlety or taste here - you want a hot girl in a bathtub, we can deliver!

Check out a recent chat we had with Alexandra right HERE. (Feel free to ignore Trey Songz. And Jimmy.)

Extra Tidbit: Alexandra is also in the very family-friendly PERCY JACKSON franchise.



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