Cool Horror Videos: Amazing fan film Halloween: The Night She Doubted

While I'll be quick to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of fan films as the vast majority of them leave a lot to be desired in terms of acting, production values and story, every once in a blue moon someone delivers a fan film that is worth cheering about. Case in point: HALLOWEEN: THE NIGHT SHE DOUBTED, a new HALLOWEEN-based foreign fan film directed by 19-year-old aspiring filmmakers Ugo & Loris Melcore. While it is oftentimes obvious that the young filmmakers were stretching a tight budget, I am simply amazed with what they were able to accomplish here. This is a fan film done right, if you ask me. Check it out and hit us with your thoughts below.

“October 31st, Halloween. Mary, a Haddonfield Police department student, receives a visit from her friend Nick. Over a discussion, the topic deviates, and Mary admits to her friend that she’s working on the Michael Myers case… the famous serial-killer.”

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of this badass fan film?



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