Cool Horror Videos: Back to the Future with Blood!

Personally I feel that every movie could use a bit more blood in it. Except DEAD ALIVE. That flick has just the right amount of blood. Also THE SHINING. When blood pours endlessly out of elevators, I think it's safe to say your movie has the required amount of plasma in it.

If you guys remember, a few weeks back the guys over at BitMassive gave us a taste of what holiday-kid-classic HOME ALONE would have looked like if a little bit of the old red stuff had been added. That video series was a blast, and I am happy to report the guys are back at it. This time with my favorite film series BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Doc Brown hadn't been wearing a bullet-proof vest that night at the Twin Pines/Lone Pine mall? Or maybe what would REALLY happen if Marty crashed the time machine into a barn going full-tilt 88 mph? Well this new video series has got you covered.

Oh, yes, there will be blood...

Extra Tidbit: What movie would you like to see blood added to?
Source: YouTube



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