Cool Horror Videos: Dancing Predators

1990's PREDATOR 2 may not have packed the punch of the original film (hell, not too many films can match the badassness of the original PREDATOR...period!) but it has always held a special place in my cold, black heart. Maybe it was star Danny Glover oozing machismo, maybe it was Gary Busey's over-the-top performance as a DEA badass, maybe it was just having the Predator back on screen - whatever it was, to this day PREDATOR 2 remains one of my guilty pleasures.

We all know that the Predator is one big, bad, ugly killing machine, but very few people know that Predators can boogie. By boogie I mean cut the rug...get down...shimmy...get funky with it! As evidenced by the video below, Predators have one other skill that they rarely display: the art of dancing. So enjoy this vid, obviously taken during a lag in shooting, where a group of Predators show us why they should be on America's Best Dance Crew. I mean, come on...really. Who's gonna tell them that their skills are subpar?

And yes, folks, that IS Danny Glover joining in the fun.

Extra Tidbit: Could you outdance these Predators?



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