Cool Horror Videos: Drag Me to Hell and its nods to Evil Dead

When Sam Raimi finally returned to the very genre that got him started, he delivered the wonderfully twisted DRAG ME TO HELL, a film that feels like a distant cousin to the EVIL DEAD franchise. I f*cking love this movie and it’s easily my favorite film of Raimi’s outside of the EVIL DEAD series. There aren’t many directors better at blending humor with over-the-top horror like Raimi, so to see him doing what he does best in DRAG ME TO HELL was a real treat, especially to horror fans because there are plenty of nods to the EVIL DEAD franchise.

The horror-loving folks over at House by the Video Store dedicated an entire video to the EVIL DEAD callbacks found in DRAG ME TO HELL, resulting in 4 minutes of awesome little Easter eggs that some of you guys might have missed. Check it out!

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of DRAG ME TO HELL?
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