Cool Horror Videos: Gonzalo Lopez and John Fallon's Old Number Seven

Longtime Arrow readers may recall that The Arrow himself, John Fallon, teamed up with EMBRION director Gonzalo Lopez back in 2009 to create a short horror film entitled OLD NUMBER SEVEN. A giallo with supernatural undertones, the short was directed by Lopez from a script he and Fallon wrote together. Fallon also plays the lead character,

Roy, a no-nonsense dude, who returns to Barcelona to confront his ex-wife (Saida Lamas). And for good reasons; she aborted their baby and is now sleeping with his brother (Sergio Bernal).

After making its debut at the Sitges Film Festival, OLD NUMBER SEVEN played at five more fests, and then was basically shelved. Last month, Fallon made another trip to Spain, this time for the Sitges screening of his directorial debut THE SHELTER, and while he was in the country he and Lopez took in another viewing of their 2009 collaboration. Fallon has had a complicated outlook on the short over the last six years, but this time he could see its good qualities, and convinced Lopez that the time had come for them to release OLD NUMBER SEVEN online.

The short can now be viewed in its entirety below, the film offers some awesome visuals, some fantastic cinematography by Javier Rueda and a very cool, very classic giallo murder scene.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of OLD NUMBER SEVEN?
Source: John-Fallon.com



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