Cool Horror Videos: Gory Star Wars fan film The Empire Falls

Well, here's a wicked little companion piece to THE FORCE AWAKENS. Below you'll find a STAR WARS fan film which might just make you rethink your views on stormtroopers; they're not all just evil drones, you know. I realize JJ Abrams is angling for a similar storyline with his new flick, but does he present Ewoks as bloodthirsty savages? Probably not.

The film is called THE EMPIRE FALLS and it takes a somewhat sympathetic look at an average employee of the Empire. It also proves the Battle of Endor was a lot more f*cked up than we remember!

Here's a statement provided exclusively to us from director Michael Hurst (HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2):

The Empire Falls is Star Wars told in the gritty, violent style of Blackhawk Down. My brother Andy and I did it just for fun and we hope our fellow Star Wars fans enjoy seeing the story we all know and love from a very different point of view!

How do you like your Rebels now, huh?!

STAR WARS FAN FILM - THE EMPIRE FALLS from thetruthaboutendor on Vimeo.



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