Cool Horror Videos: Halloween 3D video game preview

It's the scary season and with Halloween fast approaching, the majority of us have one Boogeyman on our minds: Michael f**kin' Myers. Sure, most Schmoes are currently queuing up  Blu-rays of the seminal HALLOWEEN series, but one fan has gone way, way beyond merely watching another entry in the Myers saga. He's made a goddamned HALLOWEEN video game!

Yes, for years now Pig Farmer Productions has been toiling away on HALLOWEEN 3D (not to be confused with the dead-in-the-water sequel). The concept is simple-- you step into the shoes of Michael Myers and, with a little stealth and creativity, tear Haddonfield's sh*t up. Both in graphics and game play the project seems to recall the MANHUNT series, albeit without the depressing snuff film motif. No, torture and grittiness isn't The Shape's bag. He likes 'em lean, mean and to the point, which is exactly how this seems to play.

You can download previous Windows demos here and track the game's progress through Pig Farmer's official site and YouTube Channel. Check out the video below and soak up the best thing to feature The Boogeyman in quite some time.


Extra Tidbit: Can someone tell me just when the hell that Child's Play game is hitting consoles?



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