Cool Horror Videos: Jarvis City's Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute

One of my favorite types of movie to watch is the 1980s slasher, so when I found out that YouTube user Jarvis City had made a 39 minute compilation of clips from various slashers, taking the viewer on a bloody journey from 1980 to 1989, I immediately clicked "Play" on that video.

The compilation is called The Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute, and while I'm not sure it really is the "ultimate" tribute to the era and sub-genre (there are some glaring omissions), it is a great way to spend 39 minutes.

Jarvis City says: 

Between 1980 and 1989, the horror genre gave us well over 200 slasher flicks; most of them were cheap, and very few of them had much of a lasting impact on audiences (aside from rabid horror fans like us, that is). Flaws and all though, we loved most of these horrific endeavors. And with that, we present to you this clip compilation that also serves as the ultimate '80s slasher tribute...

The video maker also provided a list of the movies that are featured in the compilation, but I think it's better to just watch the video and experience the clips one-by-one rather than knowing what you're going to see before you start watching.

So get the video below rolling, sit back, and enjoy the slasher mayhem: 

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of '80s slashers?
Source: Jarvis City



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