Cool Horror Videos: Joseph I. Martinez's short film Knock

Since going live online, writer/director Joseph I. Martinez's short film KNOCK has racked up nearly 21,000 views, a feat not only impressive but also well deserved. It is quite a cool short, nicely shot and edited, and with a sort of old school feel to its style and tone.

In its 5 minutes, it tells the following story: 

One Halloween night Murielle is dared to knock on the door of an abandoned mine, now something has chased her home. Is she the victim of a Halloween prank or has the legendary witch come to steal her soul?

In addition to being entertaining and wholly satisfying in its own right, KNOCK serves as a proof-of-concept video for a feature Martinez is hoping to make called AMERICAN WITCH. If the look and feel of this short could be sustained for an entire feature, that's one movie I would love to see.

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