Cool Horror Videos: Let John Cleese catch you up on The Walking Dead

The "Who did Negan kill?" cliffhanger that season six of AMC's The Walking Dead ended on has gotten so much attention, it's likely that even viewers who have fallen behind on the show and very casual "I've seen an episode here and there" types will be tuning in to the season seven premiere to find out the answer to the Negan question.

If you want to catch the season premiere so you can watch Negan pummel someone with his baseball bat but you fear that you're too behind on the story to understand what's going on around that moment, legendary comedian John Cleese is here to help.

In a video made for the UK streaming service Now TV, Cleese gives a broad strokes summary of all six seasons so far, providing amusing but accurate commentary on the major points and characters. This video will allow you to get pretty well caught up on the show in just 4 minutes.

These "Cleese notes" on the previous seasons has arrived online just in time, as The Walking Dead's season seven premiere will be happening this Sunday, October 23rd.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching The Walking Dead's season premiere?
Source: Now TV



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