Cool Horror Videos: Linda Blair using her own voice in The Exorcist

THE EXORCIST remains one of the most perfect films ever made, horror or otherwise. Everything about William Friedkin's 1973 adaptation of the William Peter Blatty novel screams 'classic cinematic perfection', from the direction to the acting to the effects, so it's no surprise that 40 years later it is still considered one of the greatest genre offerings of all time (not to mention one of the scariest films in history!). It makes you wonder how the film would've been received if one little thing was different, and today we have a Cool Horror Video featuring star Linda Blair's production dialogue before she was famously dubbed by Mercedes McCambridge.

The video below uses the actual audio recorded on the set during filming. For contrast, it also shows the same scene right after with McCambridge’s voice, and while the "spooky demon voice" that McCambridge provided is freaky enough, I think Linda Blair's voice is legitimately creepy in its own right.

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Extra Tidbit: Which voice do you prefer: McCambridge's classic demon voice or Blair's own twisted take?



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