Cool Horror Videos: Matilda's Mara Wilson in a gender-bent American Psycho

American Psycho Swapped Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson has been out of the spotlight recently, but as a kid she appeared in popular flicks like the MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET remake and MRS. DOUBTFIRE. However, her biggest role to date was as the title character in the Roald Dahl adaptation MATILDA. Well, she has resurfaced, and it's in the best way possible.

Her newest role is on Dani Faith Leonard's video series Swapped, which gender-swaps scenes from famous movies. Wilson's episode is taking on the iconic business card scene from Mary Harron's AMERICAN PSYCHO, which is by far one of my favorite scenes. She steps into the shoes of Jared Leto's Paul Allen, joined by Leonard as Patrick Bateman. The rest of the cast is filled out by Keisha Zollar, Julie Rosing, Anna Suzuki, Nivedita Kulkarni, Laura Kleinbaum, SJ Son, Rasheda Crockett, and Jordan Randolph. 

Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: Which horror movie would you want to see gender swapped?



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