Cool Horror Videos: Night of the Living Dead with a new synth score

Back in October, we shared the news that Lakeshore Records would be releasing a new score for George A. Romero's classic film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. From composer OGRE and producer Dallas Campbell, this new music was designed to replace those iconic library tracks Romero originally scored the film with. The score is available to purchase on Bandcamp for $10, but if you'd like to watch the movie with the score playing over it without having to sync things up yourself, Lakeshore has you covered there, too.

To celebrate Halloween, the company uploaded the full, rescored film to their YouTube account (since NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is public domain, there aren't any copyright restrictions to overcome to do this). But Halloween isn't the only time of the year to watch NOTLD, this is a film that can be enjoyed all year round, so as we enter the holidays I thought it would be nice to share Lakeshore's video here. In case you're a fan who hasn't seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with this new score yet, here it is, embedded below.

So put another log on the fire, grab some egg nog, kick back, and enjoy Romero's classic with a brand new sound:

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the new score?
Source: Lakeshore



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