Cool Horror Videos: Ninja Eliminator 4: The French Connection

Several years ago, the Montreal-based filmmaking collective Roadkill Superstar, the group behind the recently released film TURBO KID, created a faux trailer short for a grindhouse martial arts movie called NINJA ELIMINATOR. Out of that has grown a series of shorts promoting entries in a NINJA ELIMINATOR franchise that never existed.

Although NINJA ELIMINATOR III doesn't seem to be available online as of this writing, NINJA ELIMINATOR and NINJA ELIMINATOR II: QUEST OF THE MAGIC NINJA CRYSTAL can be viewed on YouTube, just click their titles in this paragraph.

After making three of the shorts, Roadkill Superstar has now passed the NINJA ELIMINATOR baton to director Mathieu Berthon, who with co-writer Paul Ferré has crafted NINJA ELIMINATOR 4: THE FRENCH CONNECTION!

In this episode, the duo of French super cops Francois and Jean-Baptiste are in search of Mr. Mo, diabolical leader of a ninja gang of drug traffickers who are trying to expand their influence to our beautiful country!

As someone who hasn't yet watched the preceding entries in this series, I can attest to the fact that no prior NINJA ELIMINATOR knowledge is necessary to enjoy this fourth installment. THE FRENCH CONNECTION works as a self-contained story... and it's a hilarious, ridiculous, awesome story.

If you have 8 minutes to spend watching the trailer for one of the greatest ninja movies never made, click play on the video below. Obligatory NSFW warning: there are bare breasts featured along the way.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of NINJA ELIMINATOR 4?



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