Cool Horror Videos: November First with Michael Myers & PJ Soles

Well, this is a nice treat following the Halloween hangover I'm sure most of us are facing this morning. Whether an actual hangover or more just a general depression that the holiday is over, the Halloween Hangover is a very real thing and we're here to help out.

To raise your spirits, here's an awesome new horror-comedy short film by Fright Rags (yes, Fright Rags) that gives us a glimpse of how HALLOWEEN's Michael Myers himself deals with the post-holiday blues.

You can check out the hilarious short - featuring a guest appearance by PJ Soles - below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

NOVEMBER FIRST rundown via Fright Rags:

Halloween has come and gone...what's a Shape to do?

This is a short film we created to find out what a typical November 1st might look like for Haddonfield's favorite slasher. Does he sleep in? Does he sit home and relax after a night of killing? Watch and find out...

NOVEMBER FIRST was created by Eric Maira, Chris Hogan-Roy, Benjamin Scrivens, and Chris Tanski. 

Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: "Do you need a knife?" Classic. Total classic.
Source: Fright Rags



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