Cool Horror Videos: Robots attack in David Ury and David Neptune's Augustine

Actor Tahmus Rounds has a hobby of collecting old toys and rebuilding them into homemade robots. After fellow actor David Ury was introduced to Rounds' creations, the pair began writing a horror short based around these odd little things.

Co-directed by Ury and David Neptune, the resulting short is entitled AUGUSTINE and tells the following story: 

A group of kid's visit the cabin of a recently deceased toy maker to find that his toys are still very much alive.

Shot on a budget of around $1500 with a cast including Ury, Rounds, Seth Cassell, Reid Ewing, Sarah Hester, Tracy S. Lee, and Shelby Young, AUGUSTINE is a really fun, old school style slasher where the slashing happens to be done by some incredibly cool (and adorable) looking toy robots.

I would gladly watch a feature version of this concept. As it is, it makes for a very entertaining 8 minutes. Check it out!

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of AUGUSTINE?
Source: David Ury



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