Cool Horror Videos: Sneak peak inside Rob Zombie's The Great American Nightmare

To celebrate the opening of Rob Zombie's haunted house attraction The Great American Nightmare, a new video has come online giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the terror that Zombie has in store for anyone brave enough to check it out. The Great American Nightmare will be opening its doors for the first time tonight and how I wish I was there! Seriously, they make you wear a hood into THE LORDS OF SALEM attraction, how cool is that!

The event will be held every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from October 10-November 2. Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare will feature 15 nights of music, culminating with a November 2 headlining performance by Rob Zombie himself. This bone-chilling experience will combine the most advanced haunted house attractions with a not-to-be-missed music festival from top artists in the realms of hard rock/metal, rock alternative, EDM, and Latin music. Each Thursday night will feature rock alternative music, Fridays EDM, most Saturdays will feature hard rock/metal, and most Sundays will be Latin music focused.

Extra Tidbit: Any of you guys going to be checking this out?
Source: Youtube



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