Cool Horror Videos: Take a tour of the AFX Studio with Heather Langenkamp

In honor of the premiere of Scream Queens, Fox 5 ran a special on one of the original Scream Queens, Heather Langenkamp, AKA Nancy Thompson from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Since ending her tenure with Freddy Krueger, she has joined her husband David LeRoy Anderson at his special effects house, AFX Studio. She gives Fox's Simone Boyce a tour of the studio, showing off the devil mask from Scream Queens, which the effects house has serendipitously working on. It's actually pretty reassuring that the show is giving former scream queens some love, on and off the camera.

AFX Studio has worked on such high profile films as Zack Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD, STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, as well as the American Horror Story seasons Freak Show and Hotel. That might explain why Langenkamp was willing to cameo in Freak Show in a role that gave her about a millisecond of screen time. Watch the cool, horror-filled tour below!

Extra Tidbit: Did you enjoy the premiere of Scream Queens?
Source: Fox 5



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