Cool Horror Videos: The Dangers of Having a Chainsaw for a Hand

The official Ash vs. Evil Dead account on FunnyorDie.com has uploaded a bloody promotional video for the show that features the great Bruce Campbell demonstrating The Dangers of Having a Chainsaw for a Hand - and Campbell isn't playing his iconic character Ash Williams here, he's playing himself, discussing the messes he gets into because of his chainsaw prosthetic. He really does have a chainsaw for hand, you know?

Written and directed by Andrew Bowser, The Dangers of Having a Chainsaw for a Hand definitely qualifies for a Funny vote in my opinion, as it's always amusing to watch Bruce Campbell just Bruce it up.

Campbell's co-stars in this short (it runs just 3 minutes) include Steve Szlaga, Madeline Walter, Brittany Furlan, and... this is especially cool... Campbell's fellow genre superstar Barbara Crampton.

It's awesome to watch the stars of THE EVIL DEAD and RE-ANIMATOR interact, and hopefully this will serve as a prelude to Crampton landing a role on Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Season two of Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres on Starz on Sunday, October 2nd at 8pm.

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Source: FunnyorDie



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