Cool Horror Videos: The Last Exorcism Part II viral prank

Ever since that ridiculously awesome elevator prank that was hosted on youtube a while back it seems like you can't go far without seeing a video featuring people border-line shitting their pants. With the success of those videos, someone decided to get in on the action with this genius hidden camera prank that celebrates THE LAST EXORCISM PART II. Right now no one in particular, such as Lionsgate, has come out and claimed this video as theirs just yet but whoever set it up deserves at a pat on the back!

In the video, while customers are at a beauty shop getting all dolled up, the mirror that sits in front of them was replaced by a two-way mirror with a possessed girl standing behind it. You can guess what happens next as some of the people's reactions are priceless. Surprsingly, a lot of the cusotmers handle their brush with seeing the devil in the mirror pretty well. Once she comes out of the back all bent over, however, is when they all start losing their shit.

It's pretty great, check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: How would you handle this situation?
Source: AITH



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