Cool Horror Videos: The Real World goes behind the scenes of Phantasm III

Back in the days when I would actually watch MTV, a time known as the '80s and '90s, I was a regular watcher of their reality show The Real World. One of the seasons that had the biggest impact on me was the second, which at the time of its airing in 1993 was known as The Real World: California but is now referred to as The Real World: Los Angeles.

Among the cast members on that season was a woman named Beth Anthony, who was working as a production assistant on film projects at the time, doing scenic painting and craft services work. The Real World crew accompanied her to the set of one of the movies she was working on, shooting behind-the-scenes footage while they were there.

Why is this of interest to horror fans? The movie Anthony was serving as a crew member on was PHANTASM III: LORD OF THE DEAD, and the night the Real World cameras were on set they got a glimpse of a gore effect involving a demonic nurse.

The PHANTASM III clip from The Real World: California/Los Angeles is now online and can be seen below. It's quick, but anything PHANTASM related is worth a look, and this minute of history is notable for having presented a bit of PHANTASM III to a whole lot of MTV viewers who might not have paid the film any attention otherwise.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a PHANTASM phan?



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