Cool Horror Videos: The Walking Dead issue 1 gets animated

There is a chance that you might have seen the video below before, as AMC first released it online several years ago. Just a couple days ago, the network re-uploaded it, so since they obviously feel that it's time to share the video with fans again, we might as well share it along with them, as it definitely qualifies as a Cool Horror Video.

The video is a motion comic adaptation of the first part of The Walking Dead #1, the comic book that would spawn AMC's hugely successful television series. It's an entertaining thing to see whether you're a fan of the comic, a fan of the show, or a fan of both. Readers get to see what was on the page come to life, and viewers get to see what Rick Grimes' first experiences in the zombie apocalypse were like when he was a black and white drawing rather than a flesh and blood person played by Andrew Lincoln.

The only down side to this motion comic is that it stops where it does - I want to see more! It would be interesting to see every volume of The Walking Dead brought to life in this way... but given the fact that issue #168 is about to be published, that would be one hell of a daunting task.

The video does say "To Be Continued" at the end, though, so there is hope that there will be more motion comic adaptations in the future.

To see where The Walking Dead began, click play below:

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Source: AMC



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