Cool Horror Videos: Unseen test footage from John Carpenter's Halloween

With the upcoming release of the 35th Anniversary of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN the release of this unseen footage of the first ever Panaglide test by Dean Cundey and Ray Stell from 1978 couldn't have been timed any better! The video was uploaded by Billy Kirkus, a Vimeo user who says, "This is the first ever Panaglide test by Dean Cundey and Ray Stella back in 1978; right before Halloween's principal photography began. Filmed outside and inside the Panavision studio. Halloween was the 4th movie to use this system."

This is some very cool stuff and apparently there's a lot more out there as Kirkus states, "one clip of rolls of 35mm film I have of footage from the original Halloween (both behind-the-scenes footage, and film from the actual production). This footage is not color-corrected and just quickly transferred by Don May, Jr. few years ago. The actual film footage is of much, much better quality.”

Kirkus also says that if you want to see more of the lost HALLOWEEN footage then contact Trancas International Films and let them know you want to see the "Unseen Halloween".

Extra Tidbit: Would you be interested in seeing the rest of the unseen footage?
Source: Vimeo



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