Cool Horror Videos: Want to see the new Carrie orchestrate her prom's destruction to Star Wars?

I have not yet seen the CARRIE remake, and it looks for all the world like I'll wait until the thing lands on Blu-ray. The reviews have been mixed-to-poor, and Halloween inspires me to watch horror classics and old favorites, not money-grubbing remakes. But I was never more certain that my decision to ignore the new CARRIE was correct until now, after watching this bootleg footage of Chloe Grace Moretz's prom queen exact crazy revenge on her classmates.

Apparently the Youtube user who put this video up was inspired to insert Star Wars' "The Imperial March" because of the way Chloe moves her hands like a zonked-out conductor orchestrating a symphony of chaos. I personally could do without the music, it's the footage that amuses me. This just looks silly - especially the finale. Was there laughter in the theater while this played, because I can't imagine otherwise.

Warning: there are SPOILERS in the video, obviously, but we all know how this thing goes...

Did you see the new CARRIE this weekend? If so, let us know what you thought of it!

Source: Youtube



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