Cool Horror Videos: Watch and listen to Stephen King read his new short story, Afterlife

Recently, the University of Massachusetts Lowell was treated to an appearance by the one and only Stephen King, where the busier-than-ever author treated an audience to a sample of his upcoming short story, AFTERLIFE. Said story was evidently going to be a comic book once upon a time, but King has since settled on releasing it as a short. Where it will be released remains to be seen; for now just feast your ears on the audio. (The quality isn't the best, please forgive that.)

In addition, you'll also find another video that offers portions of King's appearance, including a brief Q+A and interview. Anyone who loves the author will not want to miss it.

King has two full-length books hitting shelves next year: DR. SLEEP, his sequel to THE SHINING, and JOYLAND. Plus, there are movie versions of CARRIE, THE BREATHING METHOD and GRAMMA on the way, as well as a mini-series adaptation of UNDER THE DOME. Whew!

Extra Tidbit: What upcoming Stephen King work are you most looking forward to?



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