Cool Horror Videos: Watch Freddy's Tricks and Treats from Freddy's Nightmares!

I, myself, have never actually seen an episode of "Freddy's Nightmares", which was a spin-off from the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series. Apparently it was pretty easy to miss though, as it only aired two seasons from October 1988 until March 1990. So if you're anything like me, now is the perfect time to fix all of that as you can watch a full episode of the show below!

Now that it's October, and we all have Halloween and trick or treating on our minds, it's the perfect time to visit wacky stuff like this. Episode 4 from the first season of the series was titled "Freddy's Tricks and Treats", and we've got the entire episode for you folks to check out. In this episode Freddy harasses a young medical student on Halloween night, driving her to the brink of madness and beyond. It's the perfect treat for those of you looking to re-visit the show as well as first-time viewers like myself. Check it out! Also, below that episode is a little bonus look at an episode of Freddy's Nightmares that starred none other than Brad Pitt! It's kind of amazing...

Extra Tidbit: Were you ever a fan of this show?
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