Cool Horror Videos: Wolfmen of Mars - Séance By the Sea

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I'm usually dragging ass on Monday mornings. Only a few things get me energized enough to function throughout the day: a hot cup of coffee, a morning jog, and some heavy synth music set to footage of old black-and-white horror movies.

That last part may seem oddly specific. Neverheless, I must extend a huge thanks to Wolfmen of Mars. The video for their song Séance By the Sea single handedly revived my brain from the depths of sleep-deprived grogginess with thick beats, heavy bass and awesomely retro keyboard work. If you're like me and you dig bands like Goblin, Zombi, or even the early work of John Carpenter, you'll certainly dig on the Wolfmen's grooves. Check out the video below and visit their site to get your next Wolfmen of Mars fix!

Extra Tidbit: What are some your favorite synth horror tracks? I count John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's "Chariot of Pumpkins" from HALLOWEEN 3 among mine.
Source: Wolfmen of Mars



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