Cool Horror Videos: Xenomorph made from recycled metal

Have you ever wondered what giant Xenomorph made out of metal would look like? No? Well, let me just say that it looks cool as hell. Thanks to the Bangkok, Thailand-based team of artists known as Kreatworks we get to see one of the coolest replicas of Ridley Scott's famous creation from ALIEN — the Xenomorph!

The cool cats that make up Kreatworks dig through piles of scrap metal made up of useless vehicles and mountains of loose hardware to bring their sick creations to life. Their creations don't stop at the Xenomorph though, as they've got a ton of crazy looking original art as well as some jaw dropping models of Predators. You can actually own a piece of their art by heading to their Etsy shop but be prepared to sell a kidney if you wan't to get your hands on a piece of their amazing art. Not only do they sell out amazingly fast but they'll cost you some major coin because each of these are original pieces.

To wrap your head around how wicked these things are, check out the video below for a 360 degree look at the Xenomorph.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to own this bad boy?
Source: Kreatworks



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