Cool Horror Videos: Zombie Harlem Shake

If you thought the Gangnam Style dance craze was ridiculous, you probably haven't seen the Harlem Shake. If you have seen these Harlem Shake videos you are probably as sick of them as 98% of the rest of the internet. This strange meme has been around a few weeks now and the videos keep getting weirder and weirder. This craze is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon even though most of us wish it would die a quick death. 

But, as with any meme that oversaturates the net, there are always a handful of videos that are actually worth checking out. We have a Harlem Shake video for ya below that actually brought a smile to my face. There is something hilarious about combining the walking dead with any dance craze, and the Harlem Shake is no exception.

Check out this Cool Horror Video of the Harlem Shake featuring a bevy of zombies doing the zaniest dance this side of "Thriller" (although admittedly a lot less well-choreographed).

Thier limbs may be stiff, but they still know how to boogie!



Extra Tidbit: Are you as sick of the Harlem Shake as I am?



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