Could Frank Grillo be returning for The Purge 3?

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I've always been quick to share that I thought last years THE PURGE: ANARCHY was a far more enjoyable film than its predecessor, and that was largely due to the badass performance from Frank Grillo (who I still maintain should be the next Frank Castle!). Recently producer Brad Fuller spoke about the inevitable follow-up THE PURGE 3 and hints that we may just see Grillo return for more action.

Speaking with Collider Fuller squashed rumors that suggested the next PURGE film would be a prequel taking place on the first night of the annual event, stating...

“I read that too about the first night of The Purge.  We don’t know anything about that.  I read that and I haven’t heard that so I’m not sure what that was.  The material that we’re considering right now is not the first night of The Purge.”

So there's that. Don't expect to see the first PURGE just yet. Perhaps they're saving that for a later film.

As for the participation of Grillo in the next PURGE, Grillo's co-star Michael K. Williams has stated that “you can definitely look to see Frank Grillo and my character” return, but Brad Fuller was quick to point out that that nothing is set in stone as of yet, although he'd love to work Grillo into the next chapter, stating...

“Listen, we loved working with him and we thought that he was so good in that role and, you know, if it works to have him back we would really be very excited about that.”

So what do you think? Would you want to see a continuation following Grillo's character, or do you feel that THE PURGE series might be better off telling self-contained stories with no returning characters? Hit us with your thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see Grillo return for the next PURGE?
Source: Collider



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