Could there be another baddie from Batman's past showing up in The Dark Knight Rises?!

Now I know a lot of you out there don't appreciate spoilers. I know where you're coming from people. Especially when it's a flick you're really looking forward to right? So if Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES falls into that category for you I'd suggest clicking away from this page now. If you're like me and curiosity got the better of you... well then just keep scrolling for the goods.

We already know that BATMAN BEGINS baddie Liam Neeson will be in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in one way or another (flashbacks?). Or at least that's what we've been led to believe. According to DigitalSpy not only is Neeson's involvement confirmed via a guest list for the film's European premiere but Cillian 'Scarecrow' Murphy is on there as well! Wonder what that means.... Speculate below!

When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman's legacy piece by piece.

The final film in Nolan's trilogy, which stars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway (below), Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Josh Stewart, Matthew Modine and Juno Temple - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES into theaters on July 20th!

Extra Tidbit: What Batman villain would you love to have seen come to life in Nolan's Gotham City?
Source: Digital Spy



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