Cover and details for new horror novel Dead at the Jersey Shore

AITH contributor and former news editor Mike Catalano is about to release his second horror novel, and we're going to prop it; how could we not, we're proud of the young man! His latest is called DEAD AT THE JERSEY SHORE, and it sounds like an absolute blast. Naturally, we want to share the cover art and the plot deets with you.

Here's what it's about:

After experiencing a terrible tragedy, Sal Griglio heads to his family’s large, newly refurbished shore house in Long Branch, New Jersey to unwind. Within the confines of his childhood summer abode, he hopes to find his mental peace in private…

Instead, Sal finds himself caught up in a summer filled with ghosts, guidos, witchcraft, a beautiful redhead, an Indian in an Escalade, and some greasy reality TV stars from a certain popular show that takes place at the beach. Not to mention the hordes of brain-dead drones after his flesh. Whatever happens, Sal is definitely DEAD AT THE JERSEY SHORE!

And here we though Hurricane Sandy was bad. Yikes!

DEAD AT THE JERSEY SHORE will be release in January of next year (no official date just yet) from Open Casket Press.

A hot mess from the Jersey Shore

Extra Tidbit: How does DEAD AT THE JERSEY SHORE sound to you?



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