Creep Van and Back from Hell to get North American distribution from Inception Media Group

Inception Media Group, LLC, a diversified media company specializing in the production, acquisition and distribution of entertainment content, today announced it has acquired the rights to four films for distribution throughout North America.

Now, only two of these flicks is in our wheelhouse, so we'll focus on these badboys, the psycho-driver thriller CREEP VAN (which we wrote a little about last year) and the demonic-possession number BACK FROM HELL.

CREEP VAN's plot: Life without a car can be murder. Nobody is going to learn that lesson faster than Campbell Jackson, a 20-something, out of work, out of options misfit in Detroit. Forced to take a dead-end position at a local car wash, Campbell sees a dilapidated 1970s van for sale. Little does he know it is the Creep Van, which is busy terrorizing the people of Michigan, creatively dispatching victims with a host of elaborately constructed booby traps inside its rusted walls. For those unwilling to climb aboard, the Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks over or smashing through the occasional house. Campbell finds himself forced to team up with a sleazy conman named Swami Ted to hunt down and stop the Creep and his Van before it is too late. The movie stars Brian Kolodziej (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) and Angelina Armani (LAID TO REST 2). The film was acquired from Artist View Entertainment.

And here's what BACK FROM HELL is about: Six ex-classmates decide to spend the holidays together and rent a manor in the countryside to forget the raving madness of the city life. After getting to know a priest living in the adjoining church, the group's mood progressively deteriorates while strange, paranormal phenomena starts to occur in the house. The vacation turns into a nightmare when Giorgio, one of the friends, starts to show signs of diabolic possession. While Alessandro, his best friend, tries to find a scientific and rational explanation, the other friends trust the priest who feels Giorgio is possessed by the devil and tries to exorcise him. In the end, all the people will figure out what is happening goes over their ability to understand, and moreover, their possibility to control. The film stars Giovanni Guidelli ("The Tourist") and Marco Quaglia ("The Talented Mr. Ripley"). The film was acquired from Opus Distribution.

No release dates have been unveiled, but we'll keep you posted.

CREEP VAN hottie Angelina Armani

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