Creepshow series will introduce us to the man in the suitcase

Creepshow George A. Romero

The first season of Shudder's series based on the George A. Romero / Stephen King anthology films CREEPSHOW and CREEPSHOW 2 will consist of six episodes, and now we know details on four of those episodes. Most of this information has been gleaned from issues of Production Weekly as the show gets ready to start filming in Atlanta, Georgia, and the latest episode information comes from Production Weekly, too.

So far we know that Greg Nicotero will be directing the first episode of the Creepshow series, which will be based on the King story Survivor Type; Rob Schrab is directing an episode called Bad Wolf Down, about "unholy and supernatural" things happening on a World War II battlefield; one episode is based on BUBBA HO-TEP writer Joe R. Lansdale's killer scarecrow story The Companion; and CREEPSHOW composer John Harrison, who directed several episodes of the Romero-produced series Tales from the Darkside and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE, will be directing at least one episode.

The latest revelation is that horror novelist Christopher Buehlman is writing an episode called The Man in the Suitcase. This one is about what happens when 

19-year-old Justin brings home the wrong suitcase from the airport, and inside the suitcase is a Man with a terrible problem.

Taking the wrong suitcase home from the airport is definitely a nightmare scenario, and there's obviously something supernatural going on here - you're not getting a suitcase containing a person through airport security unless you're some kind of magical being. But if you're a being with that much magic at your disposal, it must be very irritating that you don't just have the ability to fly on your own.

The author of five novels up to this point, Buehlman is also a playwright and performs as a comedian under the name "Christophe the Insultor", who is said to be "something of a cult figure on the renaissance festival circuit." So I'm guessing he's a fan of Romero's KNIGHTRIDERS. It looks like he's going to be earning his first TV writing credit with this Creepshow episode.



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