Crime Story director Kirk Wong comes out of retirement for Six

After years of radio silence, Chinese director Kirk Wong is eschewing retirement in the name of bringing an action-thriller about a mad scientist to the big screen. Can you think of a better reason?

Screen Daily reports that Wong - best known for the 1993 Jackie Chan-led action classic CRIME STORY - will helm SIX, which Hyde Park International is executive producing. SIX follows a mad scientist who has created five hybrid creatures by fusing human and animal genes together, which gives them animal-like capabilities to fight. The five must join together when a another of their kind, known as Six, begins to hunt them down to harness their powers.

Screenplay, like the overall production, is an international collaboration: Li Feng (HERO, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS) co-wrote the script with Erik Martinez (BEYOND THE MAT) and Doug Brode ("Forbidden Science").

China’s OK101, Fantawild Film Industry Investment, Asia Entertainment Media and state-backed fund National Film Capital (NFC) are co-producing the film which is scheduled to start shooting in China and Louisiana in November 2012. The cast will include Hollywood and Asian stars.

Extra Tidbit: Wong's last directorial effort was THE DISCIPLES (2000), which co-starred Ice-T and Eva Mendes (pictured above). He had his name taken off and replaced by "Alan Smithee."
Source: Screen Daily



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